We offer over 250 furniture frames constructed to the highest standards by skilled Indian craftsmen -- including sectionals; sofas and loveseats; dining chairs and club chairs; ottomans, benches, upholstered headboards and more.
We offer latest designs and unmatched quality, our customers are happy ones as we always advice them what is best as per their requirement.
Our furniture silhouettes are highly stylish, while offering tremendous flexibility in creating a personal look with new combinations of color, pattern and texture.
Upholstered furniture is an expression of your personal taste and creativity. It's more comfortable than a hard, wooden chair. If you want to create the look of a bygone era, it's achievable with the right upholstery fabric. The possibilities for color, texture and durability are nearly endless. It's a way to recycle and reuse materials. Wooden and steel construction will last a long time, but fabrics wear out. There's no need to throw out the entire piece, when you can re-upholster and have a nearly new piece.

Upholstery is made by skilled craftspeople who have been working on creating upholstery furniture since generations. They upholster furniture, pillows and buttons with fabric or leather, and work either as members of a team or individually. They often start with a wood frame and build the upholstered chair or couch or they could start from scratch, building the wood frame and adding the upholstery. Their tools include standard carpentry tools and sewing materials, including sewing machines.

Upholstered furniture should suit the environment it will be in. Before buying or reupholstering, consider how much you plan to use the furniture, how much you're willing to spend for upkeep, and if you want maximum longevity. Durability depends on the fabric you use and its finish, among other factors. Upholstery fibers can be cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic or polyester, which become tightly woven fabrics. If your upholstered furniture will be in a family room or other high traffic area, a stain resistant finish is recommended. Leather is extremely long wearing. Other fabrics used for upholstery are velvet, chenille, chintz, suede and ultra-suede. These should receive lighter use and be treated for stain and water resistance.